When Life Gives You Lemons

Artist: Natalie Popovski
Material: oil on linen, framed
Size: 45cm x 61cm

Greg Doyle
“I met Greg at a retreat where he facilitated an astral travel experience. I personally didn’t leave my body, I was too scared of the heights considering we were in a penthouse. 

You might think otherwise from the above statement but Greg lives in a gorgeous Queenslander home, coincidentally just down the road from the great painter William Robinson. I’d say the theme of the interior is classical Danish. Stylish and understated. His Austrian-born wife Monika happens to be a critically acclaimed classical flute player and was away at rehearsals for Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra while I was photographing Greg’s home. Greg himself was a classical musician and nomenclature in a former life. 

When I pulled out my camera to take photos of Greg’s home, the first thing he said was ‘please don’t take photos of those ugly kitchen tiles, we haven’t renovated them yet.’ And it made me so happy to do just that.

When Greg tells me about his life he has this insane ability to sound like he’s reading aloud from a 1970s sci-fi novel. I have zero doubts about the truth of any of it, but then again I choose to believe that life is stranger than fiction. In all earnest, I really cannot do justice to the life of Greg and his eccentricities in one artwork. The best thing I can do is to point you in the direction of his book >> https://www.gregdoyleastral.com/the-book “