Karen Dyer | The Raven


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The Raven

Artist: Karen Dyer
Material: Oil on canvas, floating timber frame

Size: 50 x 40cm

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The Raven – this work is based around my mythical bird sculpture which speaks of ancient times when the Raven was associated with God of Artists.  The ‘shrine’ of found objects surrounding the bird, consisting of both natural and man-made items,  I hope will ensure the God of Artists looks kindly upon me.

Karen Dyer
Painting solely in oil and with a primary focus on still life, Karen works to imbue her chosen subjects with a ‘soul’ or spiritual energy despite being considered inanimate objects. Inspiration is drawn from a strong interest in the spiritual aspect of Animism and by recent visits to Asia which provided a glimpse into the world of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs.
Portraiture is also an area which interests Karen. When creating a work, an element of distortion is employed (to varying degrees of the surreal) to accentuate the emotion/spirit emanating from sitter and perceived by the
Karen lives and works in the vibrant inner city suburb of West End,
Recognition and Recent Exhibitions
2022 – The Percival’s Portrait Prize – finalist
2022 – The Lethbridge Landscape Prize – salon de refuses
2022 – Blue Thumb Portrait Prize – shortlisted
2023 – Revival Art and Design Emerging Artist Prize – Winner of Sponsor’s
2023 – ArtEdit Magazine – Spring Edition – ‘One to Watch’
2023- Neu Neu Exhibition – Red Hill Art Gallery joint Exhibition
2023 -Brisbane Portrait Prize – finalist
2023 – Lethbridge Galley – Small Works 2000 joint Exhibition
2023 – Revival Art and Design – Small Works joint Exhibition
2023 – Aspire Gallery – multiple joint Exhibitions

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