Julie Poulsen | The Bird Bath #1


The Bird Bath #2, 2023

Artist: Julie Poulsen
Material: mixed media on unprimed canvas, timber frame
Size: 121 x 106cm

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Exhibition title: The Bird Bath
New works 2023
The seasonal changes in the tropics are not impacted by cold but by heat and rain.
The favoured vegetable growing season are the Winter months and Summer is the flourish season when
tropical rain and warmth power up the leaf growth.
Our home is on the Northern Beach side of Cairns Far North Queensland, and has been for 35 years. Our
backyard is substantial with a large proportion of rain forest planted when we first moved into the area.
Although it is now an established garden it is forever evolving. We are all obsessive gardeners.
There are five bird baths of varying sizes – one just outside our living room door. Part pool, part
sanctuary, part watering vessel we delight in the sweet chorus and variety of birds who dip and drink.
The baths are not simply for birds but wallabies and wildlife, the low to the ground vessels provide
water relief in dry hot months.
This new series of paintings The Bird Bath reflects my love for animals and wildlife, our family love of
gardening and the consequences of caring.

-Julie Poulsen

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