As a keen observer of human emotion, Nicole McPherson’s art is about capturing the kaleidoscope of mood and feeling – often raw and contemplative, and reflective of her own personal experience. Her works are known for their honesty and depth, and are driven by the power of colour.
Having experimented with art as a child, career and family life led her along different paths, until she returned to her passion, full-time, 5 years ago. Taking a ‘deep dive’ into her work, she pursued study and, more recently, has ‘emerged’, competing, exhibiting and showing her works.
Nicole’s creative range includes figurative and abstract, and she uses both forms to capture the humanness of life and its deep evolution. Drawing on her own experiences as a child and her teenage years, she expresses the formative emotions of life and the places and experiences that encased them. There is a truth to the moods she captures, and it’s an honesty of the whole human condition that she wants to convey. There is fun and love and generosity in life, as much as there is the other, and it’s this ‘real life’ that she aims to convey through her art.
As a busy mother of two, her lifestyle enforces an urgency in her painting – revealing itself in broad strokes and expressive form. Contemporary in nature, her style is fresh and clean – with the intention being to communicate with a minimum of ‘fuss’. Leveraging acrylic and mixed media products, her works are generous in colour and media – as she believes colour is the primary conveyor of mood. Layering products and imagery, there’s a richness and depth to them, shining through the finished product to show their history. Whilst they capture the moment, and seize expression that’s gleaned in a glance, it’s also about providing the backstory.
For Nicole, it’s about sharing the ‘real’ human experience and giving her viewers a place to stop and think.
She cites her greatest influences as Van Gogh, Basquiat and Gary Komarin, and is fascinated with the form of street art and the YBAs.


As a child of the 70’s and ostensibly ‘outdoor’ living, much of Nicole’s art spawns from her ‘neighbourhood’ childhood experience and travels with her family to Europe. After deferring from a Degree in Visual Arts as a graduate, Nicole returned to her passion in early 2017 – and has since found a broad audience of customers around Australia. Hosting her first exhibition in early 2020 as a near sellout, she has garnered a large following – and is now working towards another 3 exhibitions this year.