Michelle Douglass

Born in Melbourne, Michelle Douglass studied fine art during the early ‘80s. Her work is deeply influenced by early travels to Japan and she gains inspiration from renowned artists including Joan Mitchell, William Turner and Mark Rothko.

In 2001, Michelle relocated to Noosa where she spent much of her  time raising a family and growing the family business. She further developed her skills during this time through life drawing, sketching and small studies of oil and cold wax on board.

Michelle now devotes her time creating paintings using oils, cold wax and marble dust, inspired by the rugged natural beauty of Australian landscapes and seascapes.

An avid hiker, I gain inspiration from my love of nature and respect for the environment. I find the wild beauty, energy and mystery of the ocean compelling, and capturing this emotional connection from an abstract perspective is both challenging and rewarding. My creative process begins with building many layers using different mediums including oils, cold wax and marble dust. Over time a palette of colour and texture builds as the image takes form, creating a moody work of textures and depth that evoke a sense of movement, as the eye moves from shade to light, shallows and deep.

Michelle Douglass