Louise Gow (nee Wruck)

Louise is an emerging visual artist living and practicing in Brisbane. She attended Griffith’s Queensland College of Art in South Bank, graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with academic honours in 2009.

The primary focus of her studies was centred around drawing and printmaking disciplines, however she also studied painting, sculpture and graphic design. Over the last few years she has been exploring the additional mediums of hand cut and digital collage, and now she embraces whatever form of mark making best communicates the desired feel in her mixed media pieces.

Her work is inspired by the movements of Dada and Surrealism, but also draws from a number of contemporary styles including street and commercial art.

“While my practice is still eclectic and continues to evolve as I hone my skills as an artist, I plan to continue my experimentation with new forms of image construction. I aim to create works which strike the perfect balance between chaotic movement and cohesive stories, between intricate detail and striking focus.”

Louise Gow


Artist CV

LOUISE GOW | 2022-2023

February 2023- Group Show ‘The One’, Revival Art & Design
December 2022- Summer Soiree Group Show, Revival Art & Design