Liz Lennox is a contemporary artist based on the Queensland coast. She sells her work privately and at local exhibitions and art galleries in Queensland. Liz works exclusively with oils, pure pigments, cold wax and other drawing media on paper and canvas. This process allows her to layer her work and gives her paintings sophisticated richness and beautiful depth of colour.

While colour and texture are important to the look of the work – Liz believes that the power in the underlying narrative gives the work its validity and authenticity. She takes inspiration from a variety of sources including current and world events, nature, memory, literature, music and spirituality.

Her work demonstrates recurrent underlying themes of social inclusion and connectivity, grace and redemption- as well as the simple appreciation and enjoyment of the natural world. Liz’s work connects with the viewer organically at an emotional level.



Liz has had a successful solo exhibition in 2019; as well as participating in several group shows 2018-2021. Her work hangs in private homes and collections in Australia and overseas

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