Dr Jacqueline Scotcher’s art practice is interested in painting what it feels like moving through particular environments. A path motif in various forms has emerged in her work to explore bodily movement. The paths weave into abstract layered compositions that take lived sensations from the external world into imaginary terrain.
Magic Beach Series, 2023
Jacqueline’s latest series borrows it’s name from Alison Lester’s classic children’s book, Magic Beach. The abstract paintings draw from observing her two year old’s full-body love for the beach. His energetic meanderings involve wave chasing, sand tossing and rock pool splashing. The combination of the coastal landscape with a toddler’s fresh eyes inevitably influenced Jacqueline’s layered painting style. These paintings celebrate being present in one’s surroundings, weaving paths between the tactile and imagined worlds, which toddlers seems to transition between with ease. A ‘Magic Beach’ is full of curiosity, wonder and  attending to the ‘texture’ of everyday life.


Jacqueline is a full time artist-educator. She has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours in Creative Industries  and Doctorate of Philosophy (Creative Arts).
Her doctorate research investigated a walking/painting approach to the Qld Tropics. This practice is featured in the current Queensland senior visual art syllabus. Jacqueline has consistently exhibited with solo exhibitions over the past decade.
Having spent most of her adult life in Far North QLD and Brisbane, she has recently crossed the border into northern NSW. Here she lives with her young family and works in her studio.


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