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DWELL | Louise Grayson & Amber Simpson

To Dwell is to linger. To stay awhile and lose oneself in this moment. Stillness surrounds and makes itself familiar to every corner.  Lightness and dark find their way to the surface and force themselves to be looked at. Nothing is overlooked. Every aspect, every crevice, every stone is overturned and inspected. Shadow becomes line and form. Colour – a pure and luminous entity that transcends the surface.  Detail and lack thereof both demand to be the champion – a duality that plays across the pieces, this body of work and existence.

Dwell is a collaboration between contemporary Brisbane  artist Amber Simpson and Fine Art Photographer and photo journalist Dr Louise Grayson. This collaboration came together in response to the current situation we are experiencing. Limited mobility, travel and other restrictions as well as other, more personal events have effected the artists in different ways and pulled their  focus in different directions.

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