Taking her inspiration from a childhood in Canberra, world travel, Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters, Elizabeth’s style has been described as “Sergeant Peppers meets the French Masters for a picnic.” Nadine Prisset – Gallery owner Annecy, France. Her popular works are known for their vibrant colours and can be seen in business establishments and homes across Australia and with European collectors in France , Switzerland and the U.S.

In July 2013 Wendy, as she was known at the time, left her corporate PR job and began pursuing her art as a fulltime practice. She travelled to France in October 2013 and found a ready market and for her work in the city of Annecy where she completed exhibiting The Art of Wendy Donellan In France in June and July 2014. The exhibition was a stunning success with works sold to Swiss and French art collectors (including Martine Russet) as well as some Australian online buyers.

On October 22, 2016 Wendy adopted the use of her brand – E.R. Stein using her middle name (Elizabeth), Grandmother’s name (Ruth) and the name of her Great Grandmother (Stein) in recognition of her Jewish heritage and in preparation for further expansion into the U.S. market. The triangle at the base of the brand echoes the Star of David and is also the symbol for Water.

Elizabeth’s most recent solo exhibition True Colours (Revival Art & Design) was in 2022.



Elizabeth (formerly Wendy Donellan) began painting in 2011 – her works were immediately popular with local, national and international buyers.  She found a ready market for her work in the resort city of Annecy, France (a short drive to Geneva, Switzerland). She now exhibits her work in Brisbane, France, soon Singapore and in art fairs throughout the country.

Artist CV

Women to Water Debut joint exhibition with Naomi Goldlight at Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery, Latrobe Terrace Paddington April, 2013.  

The Art of Wendy Donellan in France   Solo Exhibition  

L’atelier des Annonciades 8 Faubourg des Annonciades
Annecy 7400, France – June and July 2014 Sold out 

Amour ‘et autres’ Contusions Solo Exhibition  –L’atelier des Annonciades 8 Faubourg des Annonciades
Annecy 7400, France – June and July 2015  Sold out 

Twelve Stories from Paintings – Joint audio-visual exhibition with author JM Donellan Woolloongabba Art Gallery

Cest la Vie Solo Exhibition  –L’atelier des Annonciades 8 Faubourg des Annonciades Annecy 7400, France August 2016 

2019 Landscapes of the Elysian Muse– Revival Art & Design Gallery 

2020 Inside Out  Tiny Tree and Hells Kitchen Galleries  

2021 A Dance with the Divine- Revival Art and Design