Katherine Cusack

Growing up in the Daintree, Katherine Cusack has a deep connection to nature.  The nature based, isolated home meant she had plenty of quiet time to intently focus on exploring & developing her technique. Realism was the focus of her early works, with a love of studying people, using oil pastels & acrylic paint primarily. This meant she developed her skills through patient trial and error in a self taught manner.  In Katherine’s primary years she took art lessons run by a local artist in the Daintree Rainforest.  He taught her the basics in painting in acrylics, colour mixing and valuable techniques used in creating scenery.

At boarding school she was given special privileges to undertake in some formal lessons in oils, with a local Townsville artist.  She was then accepted to a gifted and talented arts program run by Cairns High State school. After graduation, Katherine studied and embarked on a career in industrial and building design until recently when she put away her tech drawing tools and embarked on a career as a full-time practicing artist.


Now living in Brisbane, she finds herself caught up in the blissful memories of the tropical rainforest, and the sub-tropical environment of South East Queensland. Both will shine in her composition and artworks. She loves to explore nature, dive in the ocean, watch the sunrise and run the beautiful tracks in awe of all Queensland has to offer. For the artist,  outdoor adventuring ignites feelings of freedom that she wants to weave into her Landscapes.  Currently she immerses herself in discovering elements of landscapes that trigger different elated emotions.

Artist CV


2002- Winner ‘Young Women’s Award’ Mossman Women’s Art Exhibition

2003- Qld Minister Art Awards Finalists at GOMA

2006- Graduated with a Bachelor Built Environs majoring in Industrial Design.

2006-2007- Studied Building Design. Cert 4 in Residential Design

2021- Finalist Art Lovers Australia Prize