Everything is connected. The micro and the macro converge, creating rhythms. We are linked through intricate networks both seen and unseen: tree branches, river systems, veins, and arteries. As a printmaker, I am drawn to natural environments where I can explore these correlations.
My creative process involves leisurely walks, exploring and feeling the essence of a particular environment. I ponder on what attracts us, enlivens our senses, and makes us want to feel connected to a place. Often when I am walking through a space, I feel nature’s healing energy as a physical change passing through my body, creating good vibrations. I strive to capture this feeling in my work.
After observing the landscape, I return to the studio, translating my photographic references into stencils and printing plates. Each focuses on a different element: shape, line or texture. I combine these layers to print delicate and detailed serial monoprints. These non-realistic reconstructions highlight the underlying patterns, rhythms and soothing effects of nature. I prioritise silhouetted shapes, reminiscent of profile shadow portraits popular in Europe before the advent of photography. Easily recognisable portrait forms celebrate and elevate plants and animals, highlighting the importance of our connection with nature. Leaves, seed pods, and the spaces in between appear. Finally, by piercing and sewing the paper, I create a meditative slowing down and a satisfying tactile response. Perhaps by altering what is seen, and feeling what is unseen, we may start to really connect with and preserve our natural world.


Rachael Lee approaches her printmaking with the same curiosity that she brings to exploring her local natural surroundings. From an early age she has sensed nature’s calming effects and through veils of ink she depicts nature’s soothing rhythms. Rachael holds a diploma in Fine Art from Southbank Institute of TAFE (1999).

Since then, she has exhibited seven solo exhibitions throughout Southeast Queensland becoming one of Logan City’s most valued creative practitioners. Her work has been acquired for the Logan Art Collection and her permanent public artworks are located across her home city. Career highlights include Rachael’s work being acquired for three Queensland hospitals, receiving funding to exhibit regionally, and undertaking an artist-in-residency at Canberra’s prestigious Megalo Print Studio while being mentored by renowned artist G. W. Bot (2016).

Rachael recently co-curated a print collaboration for Migaloo Press Artists Collective with Victoria’s Firestation Print Studio.



Artist CV

Rachael’s work has been exhibited nationally and is held in several Queensland hospital collections, print collections, Logan Art Collection and in various private collections throughout Australia.

She has received local and state funding grants to exhibit regionally and undertake an artist in residence at Canberra’s Megalo Print Studio while being mentored by renowned artist G.W.Bot. Working with Brisbane curators and art consultants since 2016, Rachael has created public artwork and concept designs for Queensland hospitals, Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.