Karen Dyer | Blue Bottle, 2024



Blue Bottle, 2024

Artist: Karen Dyer
Material: Oil on board in ornate, soft gold frame

Size: 27 x 27cm framed


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Karen Dyer
Painting solely in oil and with a primary focus on still life, Karen works to imbue her chosen subjects with a ‘soul’ or spiritual energy despite being considered inanimate objects. Inspiration is drawn from a strong interest in the spiritual aspect of Animism and by recent visits to Asia which provided a glimpse into the world of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs.
Portraiture is also an area which interests Karen. When creating a work, an element of distortion is employed (to varying degrees of the surreal) to accentuate the emotion/spirit emanating from sitter and perceived by the
Karen lives and works in the vibrant inner city suburb of West End,
Recognition and Recent Exhibitions
2022 – The Percival’s Portrait Prize – finalist
2022 – The Lethbridge Landscape Prize – salon de refuses
2022 – Blue Thumb Portrait Prize – shortlisted
2023 – Revival Art and Design Emerging Artist Prize – Winner of Sponsor’s
2023 – ArtEdit Magazine – Spring Edition – ‘One to Watch’
2023- Neu Neu Exhibition – Red Hill Art Gallery joint Exhibition
2023 -Brisbane Portrait Prize – finalist
2023 – Lethbridge Galley – Small Works 2000 joint Exhibition
2023 – Revival Art and Design – Small Works joint Exhibition
2023 – Aspire Gallery – multiple joint Exhibitions

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