Julie Poulsen | Sometimes the Cats are Shared no. 1-4 (series 2)


Sometimes the Cats are Shared (series of 4)

Artist: Julie Poulsen
Material: mixed media on unprimed canvas
Size: 40.5 x 30cm each x 4

Please note that they are available individually for $580 each.

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For The Affordable Art Fair Brisbane 2024.

Sometimes the cats are shared is a set of 4 works, which are available separately. They tell the story of part of the artist’s childhood spent in Papua New Guinea. The Price indicated below if for the entire set. If you would like to purchase one or 2 of the individual pieces, please get in touch. Individually, they are priced at $580 each.

‘ The Princess gets to hold the cats’ is a small story initiated by a photo me mother took in Lae, Papua New Guinea when I was six, has given me ongoing fodder for my artwork. 

In the story there is always a goat (Jingles), loads of cats, sometimes a dog, my sister and 2 friends. Being the youngest, I was always last to hold the cats. The Eldest, my sister reined supreme in her paper crown…

-Julie Poulsen

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