Jane Thompson | Sensation ( The Lesson)


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Sensation ( The Lesson)

Artist: Jane Thompson
Material: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Size: 202 x 152cm


In stock


“During my Artist Residency I was fortunate to receive painting lessons from an old prominent Italian Artist called Alfredo, skilled in both egg tempura painting and sculpture. He was everything you might
imagine an Italian Art teacher to be; precise, firm, honest, interesting, passionate, enthusiastic and claiming to know less English
than he did! He used the word ‘Sensation’ to describe almost everything he felt was required in a successful painting. You had to
feel the sensation of the flower, the landscape, the ocean. After a long 4 hour painting session of copying a painted scene stroke for stroke, I came back to the studio in desperate need of anabstracted release of my own personal sensation. And thus the painting before you was born”

-Jane Thompson

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Dimensions 130 × 9 × 130 cm

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