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There is a tangible sense of freedom and joy evident in Jay Feather’s work. Her unrestrained brush strokes and gentle colour pairings come together to create simply beautiful abstract works. Her inspiration for Wonderlust?..

‘My desire to live a delighted, awe-inspired life, full of colour and wonder.’

What do you wonder about?  What wonders are in your life?  I’m always wondering and thinking of creative ideas. It has kept my mind busy during these uncertain times. When in the studio, I’m transported to another place.  A constant exploration of colour, space, shapes, perspective and mark-making.  I’m constantly exploring different mediums including: oil, acrylic, clay, glaze, foam, pastel and working with found objects.  I’m always in a constant state of flow with my work; two hours can feel like two minutes… a dream-like state.  

My work is intuitive and based on feeling, emotion and wonder. I do not know what I will paint, I just paint and the work transforms into the piece it will be. I’m almost transported to another place at times whilst creating. My mind is constantly racing with the ingredients of wonderlust. 

I have a strong desire to live a delighted life full of colour and wonder.  Having my two son’s has brought with it the most wonder to my life and it has enabled me to play and be more creative and explorative in my studio.  I hope my paintings can take you, the viewer, to a place of wonder. The more wonder you seek in the work, the more you will find. 

-Jay Feather

Join us for Jay Feather’s first solo exhibition in our gallery. Collectors of love her work will be very happy to see gorgeous pieces ranging from the very small to the very big and spectacular!

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