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a stitch in time…

Rachael Lee

16-27  March, 2022

OPENING NIGHT : Thursday 17th March 6-8pm

Referencing a need to restore our relationship with nature, a stitch in time…consists of three series. Flourish, Happy memories, and My happiness celebrate the preciousness of our connections with nature.

All relationships begin with getting to know each other.
In these series, silhouette shapes of Banksia integrifolia and various birds create easily recognizable images referencing profile shadow portraits of the 18th and 19th centuries which were popular in Europe before photography. Stitching throughout the works refers to spending time with and caring for our environment.

Flourish consists of four panels celebrating one of my favourite plants, Banksia integrifolia commonly known as coast banksia.
Happy memories and My happiness speak about nurturing and rejuvenation. In the series Happy memories, ghost-like bird silhouettes appear amongst the rhythms of nature and skeleton leaves. My happiness series emphasises our connection to all things seen and unseen.

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